Types of condensers

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Steam Condenser
The condensation of steam condenser is often applied to the condensation of two steam in the end effect of the evaporator to ensure the vacuum of the final evaporator. Example (1) Spray-type condenser, cold water from the upper nozzle into the steam from the side entrance into the steam and cold water after the full contact is condensed into water, while the tube is dirty, some of the condensate may also be brought out. Example (2) filling condenser, steam from the side tube into the rear of a spray of cold water phase contact condenser filled with porcelain ring filler, after the filler is soaked by water, it increases the contact area between cold water and steam, steam condenses into water and flows out along the lower pipe line, and the condensate gas is pumped out by vacuum pump to ensure a certain degree of vacuum in the condenser. For example (3) a water spray plate or a sieve plate condenser is designed to increase the contact area between the cold water and the steam. The hybrid condenser has the advantages of simple structure and high heat transfer efficiency, and the corrosive problems are easier to be solved.
Boiler condenser, also known as flue gas condenser, boiler using flue gas condenser, can effectively save production costs, reduce the boiler exhaust temperature, improve boiler thermal efficiency. The boiler operation accords with the national Energy saving emission reduction standard.
condenser for Boilers
Energy-saving and emission reduction is the key and guarantee of the national "Eleven-Five" plan to change the mode of economic development, is an important sign to implement the scientific development view and ensure the good and fast development of economy, special equipment as a large energy consumer, but also an important source of environmental pollution, to strengthen the task of special equipment The 11th five-year Plan of national Economic and social Development establishes the total energy consumption of the unit to decrease by about 20%, and the total pollutant emission reduction 10% is the restrictive index of economic and social development. It is the industrial production of the "heart" of the boiler is China's energy consumption of large. High-efficiency special equipment mainly refers to boilers, pressure vessels in the heat exchanger equipment.