How Many Types Of Condenser For Refrigeration?

source:未知 Hits:date:2018-04-04
The condenser is divided into several shutter forms (that is, the snake-shaped condenser's pipe is embedded in an iron sheet that is pressed into the shape of the blinds, and the heat is distributed by the natural flow of the air);
Steel wire type (dozens of steel wires are soldered on both sides of the condenser coil flat surface);
Capacitor type(will be attached with a thin plate in the inside of the condenser, the lateral as enclosure wall or the back wall, the heat dissipation, outward the condenser cooling effect is poorer, but the body is beautiful, so for now household refrigeration equipment adopts capacitor)
The fault of the condenser is only leakage and blocking, which can only be detected by nitrogen suppression.
Experience is not advisable.(the pressure gauge should be checked for leakage, and all welding joints should be tested to avoid the wrong judgment.)

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