What is a condenser and evaporator?

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The structure of condenser and evaporator is varied! But their principle is the same!
All of them are heat exchangers that exchange heat with the external medium flowing through the surface of the container. The difference is that the refrigerant in the evaporator changes from a liquid to a gaseous state, which is an evaporation and heat absorption process, and its internal pressure is generally low;
The refrigerant in the condenser is changed from gaseous to liquid. It is a condensing and exothermic process and its internal pressure is generally high!
The evaporator is the main heat exchange device of the refrigeration system. The liquid refrigerant interacting between the compressor and the capillary and depressurizing absorbs the heat around the evaporator to achieve refrigeration.
Condenser function: the compressor discharges the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant vapor and condenses it into liquid refrigerant through heat dissipation. 
The heat absorbed by the refrigerant from the evaporator is absorbed by the medium (atmosphere) around the condenser.
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