Tube tpye oil cooler

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  • Tubular heat exchanger widely using in heating and cooling treatment of materials during production in food beverage Pharmacy chemical industry
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Tubular heat exchanger widely using in heating and cooling treatment of materials during production in food, beverage, Pharmacy, chemical industry etc,tube heat exchanger could be designed and produced according customers various requirements.different material ,size accepted.

Material:stailess steel or copper 
Tubular Heat Exchanger Application:
Shell and tube heat exchanger is widely used for freezing industries,such as plating,oxidation,chemical industry,metallurgy,light industry,shipbuilding,heating, pharmaceutical,foodstuff ect, also for leather chiller, injection molding machine chiller, print chiller,PV shoe machine chiller and so on.
Customzied size optional
1、Design products according to new requirementsand Provide design drawings
2、The customer confirms whether the drawings meet the requirements.
3、Start production and provide production process pictures to clients
oil cooleroil cooler

Heat exchanging area(m2) Diameter of Tube(mm) Diameter of pipe(mm) Design Pressure(Mpa)
 2.04~3.47 1500~2300 273 0.6/1.0
 2.63~3.42 1500~3000 325 0.6/1.0
 8.36~18.26 1500~3200 400 0.6/1.0
 18.48~30.56 1000~3200 500 0.6/1.0
 35.12~49.62 2500~3500 600 0.6/1.0

oil cooler
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