Boiler economizer

  • Dimension: Customized on demand
  • through the wall of the way of heat transfer of industrial waste waste water waste heat boiler exhaust flue gas and other waste heat recovery again Saving energy reducing costs and protecting the environment.
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Boiler economizer(gas liquid heat exchanger) is a new research and development of a new type of heat exchanger, mainly through the wall of the way of heat transfer of industrial waste, waste water, waste heat, boiler exhaust, flue gas and other waste heat recovery again Saving energy, reducing costs, and protecting the environment.
Main Features
The product are customized for different airwateroilboilersteam heating and other industrial.After investigating and feedbacks by customercharateristics as following:
1、Seamless heat transfer elementhigh-pressure-resistant ability.
2、Even internal flow fieldno dew-point corrosion.
3、Make the boiler heat efficiency to improve greatly.
On receipt of your damaged heat recovery unit or drawing we can produce a replica the one to fit into your existing duct work and match up to your existing pipe-work connections when possible.
We also offer an on-site boiler economizer measuring service to measure up the existing boiler economizer.
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