How to optimize sealing gaskets for plate heat exchangers

source: Hits:date:2018-09-03
Plate heat exchanger gasket is an essential part of heat exchanger seal, which directly affects the use of heat exchanger. In practical use, plate film is one of the problems in the leakage of plate heat exchangers. How to optimize the sealing gasket for plate heat exchangers? Before that, let's know the categories of the lower plate gaskets.

The gaskets of detachable plate heat exchangers are divided into two types:

1. Glue Free (LockIn) glue-free gaskets, that is, do not use glue, but the use of jacks, or air-in way to combine gaskets with the plate. This gasket is very convenient for factory installation, because it is a new gasket, such as the user can replace each time the maintenance of the new gasket, it is very useful, but if not, it is a nightmare. For this reason, the joints of such gaskets are very easy to aging and break, often damaged when disassembled, and very difficult to recover. Sometimes, the front just fitted, to the back, the front fell off again.

2. GlueType gaskets are glued to the plate. Basically, they are divided into two types: heating after the event or not. If the gaskets are reheated, they will last longer. But if the gaskets need to be replaced, they will be more troublesome. Artificial removal or liquid nitrogen removal can be used. It takes a lot of time. It is faster to use liquid nitrogen. But because liquid nitrogen belongs to ultra-low temperature, it is dangerous to use.

Another type of viscose gasket is used by most factories. Removable plate heat exchange is simply to apply glue to the plate and stick the gasket directly to the plate after a few minutes. Removal of liquid nitrogen.

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